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Government of India and foreign financing companies have actually made available a huge cache of funds for the purpose of using up welfare activities for underprivileged section of the society. In keeping with the development needs, such funds are enhanced occasionally. It is also observed that companies linked with developments are frequently not able to tap these funds to pursue program jobs in their selected sectors of operation. Since the development companies are focused on their job of implementation, the reasons for this are many and they are frequently not in the ambit of the development companies to attend to mostly. The net result is that many NGOs are not able to benefit from the chances readily available to them for raising funds. In view of the troubles dealt with by these voluntary sectors, NGO Consultancy was formed to provide expert services and work as a catalyst for obtaining grant-in-aid from different sources. It is constantly transparent in dealings with donors, partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries alike except in matters associating with exclusive info of its customers.

Methodology : Our organization works as a link between NGOs working in various parts of India and contributor firms. We provide support system to voluntary companies in the field of task recognition, design, implementation, sustainability and fund raising. Our mission is to assist NGOs concentrate more on the execution of programs rather than chasing after funds. 'Ngo Consultancy' is a team of devoted and well qualified group providing the world course services in NGO consultancy at your door step. Crystal Vision is committed to work skillfully and providing quality services to our customers at the specified schedule. Our company a leading consultancy and directory service suppliers in India. It offers consultancy services to NGOs and corporate sector. It provides technical support for enhancing capabilities in terms of keeping correct paperwork, accreditation, info technology, accountancy, keeping track of assessment and task planning and application. Our group is also committed to the dissemination of details and promotion of lasting development efforts, in feedback to the requirements of marginalized and underrepresented sectors of society. For bridging the information space and enhancing info accessibility they are committed to develop and establish an optimal medium for the involvement and exchange of a trusted and exact source of quality info. Non-Government organizations play a crucial duty in the instructional development in the state. NGOs not just help in spreading the importance of education however also various other social awareness. Ngo Consultancy is one of the leading NGO Consultants in Delhi. We offer NGO Consultant Services in Delhi by offering different helpful services for NGO. Our Consultancy offers the very best of services at hard to beat market value in addition to top course of NGO support services. Our firm is serving to more than hundreds NGOs in Delhi and lots of even more NGOs in India in the field of Ngo registration, 12A and 80G registration, FCRA, 35 AC, 35 (i)(ii), 35 (i)(iii), Project Formulation, Multi State Cooperative Society, Software Development, Website Hosting, Website Designing, Trademark, ISO Certification, Logo, Patent, Copyright, Accounting Services etc.

Our Goals :
1. To provide consultancy, technical and expert support and spoken and written to business and business sectors, organizations, group of individuals whether revenue making or non profit making in India and abroad in the field of multi services like registration and certification, documentation, keeping track of and evaluation, making, web and IT solutions, details dissemination, human resource development, training, development and study, research and analysis, trade promo, ad and promotion, publication, monetary management, book keeping, insurance coverage and financial investment, fund raising, legal and clinical consultancy, administrative management, program, project and policy development, planning and execution related consultancy.
2. To help NGOs, government and non-government agencies and corporate residences in India and abroad for reinforcing their capabilities to do much better in their respective fields by providing numerous trainings, courses and performing capacity structure programs.
3. To deal with and provide consultancy for all type of accreditations, registrations, approvals, licenses, associations, acknowledgments, permits and so on from different divisions, ministries, boards, councils, companies, authorities and other government, semi-government and non-government bodies.
4. To manage, support, run, carry out, initiate, take-up and arrange or aid numerous assignments from / for various departments / agencies / institutions or / and association of people, NGOs, societies, non-government trusts and government firms and business residences by providing consultancy and expert inputs.

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