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Numerous NGOs are tending to the interlinked issues of neediness, underdevelopment, and natural debasement. Specifically, non government organizations  (NGOs) are dynamic and differing aggregations of conglomerations working at neighborhood, national and worldwide levels. Their exercises envelop alleviation and philanthropic support log evacuees and removed persons, monetary and provincial improvement programs, common assets and preservation ventures, open health intercessions, and numerous different regions. How Non Government Organizations screen the social, monetary and ecological effect of their undertakings is the subject of this article. NGOs can prepare ngo project and file in government ministries, corporate or link with foreign donor for grant.

We enclose for your information, an informative leaflet about our organization. In case you are interested please send the following documents for preparation of innovative NGO project proposals for grant-in-aid.
  • Registration Certificate and memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulation of Society/Trust Deed of Trust.
  • Balance Sheet of last three Years.
  • Annual Report of last three Years
  • Pan Card of the Ngo
  • Bank Account Details
  • 12a and 80g Registration Certificate under Income Tax Act 1961

Funding for NGOs:-

Non Government Organizations might be interested in the Bilateral Development and awareness projects. These initiatives provide funding possibilities for Slovak NGOs, business enterprises and state organizations that are seeking to implement Slovakia’s development projects. Proposed law on the National Fund to support these social welfare organizations in Development Projects:
Funding agencies provide support and funding to non-profits, grass-root level NGOs, organizations; but the agencies provide funds and support according to their own guidelines, terms and parameters. The listing of donor and other related agencies, persons, organizations provided here is only for information purpose. We are not affiliated with any agency, we do not endorse or recommend any agency or organization for any purpose. This information has been provided for contact purpose only, assuming that the enlisted agencies support or help volunteers, social welfare conglomerations and groups for their social cause or entrepreneurship.

Project Proposal Writing : -

We furnish fantastic consultancy in ngo project proposal writing. A project proposal depicts an arrangement for a required movement. An undertaking proposal may be utilized to acquire an elected allow or to persuade a directorate to store another activity. Project proposals consist of several sections, perhaps including an executive summary, a description of the problem or goal, a history or background of existing conditions, a research review, and so on.
We prepare project reports in the following sectors:-

  • Projects under 35ac, 35 1(ii), 35 1(iii)
  • Dental College
  • Medical college
  • Research centre
  • Ayurvedic College
  • Homeopathic and Biochemistry college
  • Polytechnic Colleges
  • Engineering Colleges
  • Physical Education Colleges
  • Law College
  • Special schemes of Indian and state government like SWADHAR, GRAMEEN ROJGAR YOJNA etc.

.Types of NGO Projects :-

A Non Government Organization can approach the following departments for project funding:-

Government Agency – If the NGO completes 3 years, then it becomes eligible for bigger amount of funding and can approach the government ministries for grants. There is a separate ministry for Non government organization grant focused on a particular objective and scheme. Even if the NGO is not three years old, it can apply for small budgetary grant for short term projects like environmental awareness, camps organizing for health improvement in rural areas.

Foreign Funding Agency – Foreign Funding is applicable when the NGO gets registered under FCRA. The social welfare organization has to be 3 years old for permanent registration under FCRA. In case if the Non Government Organization is even one year old and any foreign donor is willing to donate any amount to that Foundation, then that NGO can apply for FCRA prior permission. The foreign donation is usually for those donations who are particularly working for a specific cause like women empowerment, eradication of child illiteracy, HIV/AIDS awareness in villages and under developed areas.

CSR – CSR stands for corporate social responsibility. Nowadays, the Indian Government has made a rule of CBDT limit. All corporate organizations who are having an annual turnover in Crores, they are supposed to donate 2% of their profits to social welfare organizations i.e. NGOs. The CSR prefer those NGOs who are registered under section 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act 1961. This helps the corporate organizations in getting 50% tax rebate from donated amount.

Our firm provides a wide range of services in the sectors of project report preparation for NGOs after thorough and deep understanding of the mission of non government organizations. NGO CONSULTANCY was shaped to help conglomerations in administration limit building and in reinforcing productivity. We have extensive variety of experts backed by proper office framework and exhaustive database of backing documentation with a determination of best administration devices and key articles for them. We work professionally and give quality administration to our customers at the described schedule.

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