Things to propose a name of Society

While proposing a name for the society the following things are considered, according to the Societies Registration Act 1860:

1. The name of the society proposed should not attract the provisions of The Names and Emblems (Prevention of Improper Use) Act 1950 i.e the name proposed should not imply any connection with National/State Government or any legal authority.

2. The name proposed for the registration of the society should be unique in the names of all societies which have already been registered or resembles such name likely to deceive the public or the members of the society.

3. There is prohibition of use of any name, emblems, official seals specified under the Names and Emblems Act without permission of the appropriate authority.

4. There is prohibition of the use of the name of the national heroes or other names mentioned in the Names and Emblem Act,1950 .

5. The registrar of Societies can be approached with alternative names to ascertain whether the same are not undesirable and are not being used by any other existing societies.

6. The name of the Society should not suggest obscenity or be against decency and decorum. It should not be undesirable in the opinion of the Registrar